UPDATE: The Make It Safe Project and Janet Mock Are Teaming Up To “Redefine Realness” in Schools

Bullying is a major issue for schools, changing what should be a place to learn about the world to a place where youth learn to be afraid. Thankfully there are outspoken Trans individuals, organizations, teachers, students, cis individuals and LGBTQ allies who are working hard to create an atmosphere of acceptance. One such person is editor and journalist Janet Mock who grew up Trans in Hawaii, USA and publicly came out as Trans in Marie Clare magazine at the age of 27.

Janet Mock wants to encourage and show Trans teens they are not alone by giving away 120 copies of her autobiographical book “Redefining Realness” to high schools through the Make it Safe Project.

Here is part of the intro from Janet’s book, “Redefining Realness is my attempt to extend that nakedness and vulnerability to you. It is about those parts of ourselves that we silence every day; those parts that we all store away in boxes deep within, where they gather the dust of shame that clouds us. In this book, I aim to open those boxes, display their contents, and be accountable to my truth….. I hope this book offers clarity and pushes you toward beginnings and conclusions of your own.”

Read about this collaboration on the Make It Safe website. You can request a copy for your school on their Donation Request Page.

Be inspired and learn more about how the Make It Safe Project started with this interview from founder Amelia Roskin-Frazee. She was one of the first participants in the Up To Yo project!

In my youth I was bullied to the point of being pulled out of school for my own safety so I LOVE what Amelia and her team are doing to create safer spaces for LGBTQ teens and all youth.


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