About the Project: Up To You was created out of a love for volunteering in my community and seeing the effects of how my actions can make a difference. Imagine if everyone around the world became more engaged and invested in creating a world of health, happiness, and equality for all people! It is possible. Anything is possible when we  allow ourselves to dream, when we take that first step towards action, and when we respect all people, all animals, and our environment. We live in a world that is wonderful because of our differences.  Through Up To You, I will show how possible creating change is by featuring the work of positive change agents around the globe.


About the Creator: My background includes a variety of work and volunteer positions that allowed me to engage with people from diverse backgrounds. I started volunteering in college at Rainbow House in Denver, Colorado. There I held in my arms and looked into the eyes of an infant infected with HIV. When I was a teenager a family member was infected with HIV and I became well aware of the affect HIV and AIDS has on our world.  But that didn’t prepare me for spending so much time with a baby who might not live long enough to go to Kindergarten.  That opportunity guided me to so many people and organizations that are creating positive change in our world.

Since then, I have volunteered with a program for foster children, worked at a resource center for domestic violence and sexual assault, volunteered to raise funds for a local youth shelter, joined clean ups to remove litter from beaches and parks, created a micro-grant program for women entrepreneurs, and had many more experiences that highlighted the importance of giving back and getting involved.

My diverse upbringing has given me a way to look at the world that is unlike most people I meet.  One of my goals in life is to bring people of different backgrounds together by sharing the stories of community, compassion, and activism. This includes the areas of education, healthcare, reducing violence, eliminating  poverty, mentoring youth, educating about sexual assault, and environmental protection.

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment about how YOU are creating positive change, Leah Oviedo (Writer, Self Defense Instructor, Artist, and budding Violinist)


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