Update: The 2015 Global Women’s Water Initiatve – Honoring the Mother of All Mothers

The lack of clean water is becoming a serious issue across the world (including the USA) as pollution poisons our rivers and climate change amplifies drought conditions.  We cannot live without water so it’s inspiring to know that  The Global Women’s Water Initiative is taking a stand and making strides to protect water while also empowering women. They “train trainers and provide seed grants to grassroots women to become wash technicians, trainers and entrepreneurs so they can solve their communities water issues.”

This month GWWI honors the mothers who are actively creating a better world and the water upon which we ALL depend. “This month we honor our mothers! Whose shoulders upon which we stand, whose hearts from which we learn and whose love from which we grow! And what would Mother’s Day be without celebrating the Mother of all Mothers: WATER. Because after all WATER IS LIFE.”

In Swahili they say “AKINA MAMA TWENDE” “Let’s Go Mothers”. Hear this song in their new video, “Breaking Barriers” on Vimeo.

Read Executive Director  Gemma’s interview in book two of the Change is Up To You series.


Are you a volunteerYou can share your experience and inspire others on our Volunteer Story Page

Read about people around the globe who are creating sustainable change in books one and two of the Change Is Up To You Project on Amazon.com

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