The Gift of Children Supporting Children Through The Holidays

Nothing warms my heart more than seeing the next generation of children getting involved in social issues.

Nothing saddens me as much as learning about children who are victims of laws meant to punish adults.

Thankfully the We Belong Together organization has created a “Wish for the Holidays” program that is FREE and SIMPLE to join. All you need is paper and crayons. They are asking children to write letters of hope to those children who are detained in immigration centers. Most of these are refugee children have fled to the USA for safety to escape violence and poverty back home. It is imperative that we treat them like children and not criminals. Let’s reunite them with freedom!

“We’re collecting letters with messages of love, solidarity, and holiday wishes to the children in detention. Letters can come from children and youth of all ages, and they can be drawings, writing or both. Our goal is to deliver thousands of letters right before the holidays to children in family detention facilities as a reminder that they are not alone and children across the country are standing with them fighting for their release.

The youth in your community can be part of this powerful effort! This year children and youth from around the country have the opportunity to join their voices with children in detention demanding their freedom. We’ll be sharing copies of all the letters with elected officials to show how children are standing up for human and migrant rights and joining the call to #EndFamilyDetention.” Write your letter today!

Can you imagine being a child and spending Hanukkah or Christmas behind bars? I certainly cannot.  After school today I will help my nephew write a letter and take this one small action to show compassion for others and be the change he wants to see!

Write a letter of hope to children in need!


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Healing through art & therapy! I used to be depressed and codependent with very low self worth and many unhealthy habits. But several years ago I started the healing process and am sharing what I learned with gratitude and hope for each of us. Peace & hugs, Leah
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