UPDATE: Hollaback Steps Off the Streets Tackle Online Harassment

Hollaback!, a well known nonprofit dedicated to addressing harassment in public space, expands its work today to launch HeartMob.  This is the first online platform to tackle online harassment by providing real-time support to individuals experiencing online harassment and gives bystanders concrete actions they can take to step in and save the day.

We believe that you have the right to be free from harassment online.  To date, the harassers have been far better organized and as a result — louder — than the voices of kindness and support.  Through interviews we’ve discovered why: people want to stand up against online harassment, they just don’t know how. HeartMob fills that gap by giving voice to those who experience online harassment and tools to people who want to end it,” said Emily May, co-founder and Executive Director of Hollaback!.

This first-of-its kind platform allows users to easily report their harassment and maintain complete control over their story. Once an incident of harassment is reported, users will have the option of keeping their report private and cataloguing it in case it escalates, or they can make the report public on the platform.  HeartMob is fully moderated to ensure the platform remains safe and supportive. Check out this video from Hollaback.

Sally Kohn, columnist and a political commentator for CNN, said, “as a gay woman in the public eye, man do I have trolls!  HeartMob is a transformative tool for troll infestations.”  Kohn is not alone in her experiences. According to a Pew Research Center survey 2014, 40% of people have been harassed online and 73% of people witnessed someone else being harassed online.

Join HEARTMOB now.


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