Support the Project

As a writer, my first goal is to preserve and promote the positive aspects of our world.  My second goal is to create an income through my writing which means spreading the word about my books.

Five ways you can support this project:

  1. Do you know people? Ask family and friends to visit us and leave a comment about how they create positive change on the My Volunteer Story page
  2. You can support this book series when you purchase a book at or
  3. Wear our logo by ordering one of our fun logo T-shirts for women and men. Click on a T-shirt below!
  4. Do you have a blog? Write a post about this project.
  5. Make a financial donation. Use the Contact Page to send a message about how to donate.

Change is Up To You shirt

Choose this design on tops for Women, Men, and Children, plus other items like tote bags and posters. Buy a shirt at

Your support with sharing this project (or with financial contributions) is greatly appreciated! I love working on these books, but it takes a lot of time including collecting interviews, editing, publishing, and marketing.  😀

FYI: To make a financial donation please contact me for secure donor information. Up To You isn’t a non-profit so donations are not tax deductible. However your contribution will help me reach a larger audience, donate books to schools and libraries, and continue to give much needed media attention to the amazing people and programs that are featured in the book series.


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