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Pongo Teaches Teens and Adults Who Have Been Through Trauma to use Writing as Therapy.

Thanks to a nonprofit in Seattle, teens and adults who are incarcerated or homeless can participate in a program designed for them to heal from trauma, abuse and neglect by writing. In regards to adults they also work with homeless … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Hollaback Steps Off the Streets Tackle Online Harassment

Hollaback!, a well known nonprofit dedicated to addressing harassment in public space, expands its work today to launch HeartMob.  This is the first online platform to tackle online harassment by providing real-time support to individuals experiencing online harassment and gives … Continue reading

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UPDATE: The Make It Safe Project and Janet Mock Are Teaming Up To “Redefine Realness” in Schools

Bullying is a major issue for schools, changing what should be a place to learn about the world to a place where youth learn to be afraid. Thankfully there are outspoken Trans individuals, organizations, teachers, students, cis individuals and LGBTQ allies … Continue reading

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Great News: You Can Get Book One For FREE Today Through Friday!

I’m happy to share that book one, “How Will You Create Positive Change” is FREE today through Friday, December 16th. This is book one in the Up To You project. Inside you will find sixteen people from around the world … Continue reading

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The Gift of Children Supporting Children Through The Holidays

Nothing warms my heart more than seeing the next generation of children getting involved in social issues. Nothing saddens me as much as learning about children who are victims of laws meant to punish adults. Thankfully the We Belong Together … Continue reading

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Update: The 2015 Global Women’s Water Initiatve – Honoring the Mother of All Mothers

The lack of clean water is becoming a serious issue across the world (including the USA) as pollution poisons our rivers and climate change amplifies drought conditions.  We cannot live without water so it’s inspiring to know that  The Global Women’s … Continue reading

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Seed Festival 2015: Placing Art at the Heart of Ecology- Let’s Get Creative About our Future.

Seed festival was created by Victoria Whelan as a “celebration and education of the important role seeds play in our life.” Read Victorias interview featured in book two. This years festival is Juy 17-19 in Bristol and the theme is“Placing Art at … Continue reading

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