Book One is the first book in a series that encourages people to solve problems and create sustainable solutions in their communities. Sixteen amazing people from around the world have shared successful stories of how they created positive change in their communities. Each interview includes a blueprint for how they took action, what obstacles they overcame, and advice on how everyone can be an active participant in creating a better world.

These agents of change are championing for human rights, education, health, environmental sustainability, ending violence, eradicating poverty, mentoring youth, improving their communities, and inventing products that create a better world. They are different genders, skin colors and ages who live in different countries and have different beliefs. What they share in common is taking action.

After reading this book you will be inspired to take action too! Use the resources inside to get started and create positive change! Read the entire book at or get the ebook at


Meet the participants in this book:


Jasmine Gray of Jaz’s Jammies & More Than Skin Deep: and



Ron Tinsley of Prophetik Soul:



Emily May of Hollaback:



Nakisha Varlack-Harris of Girl Power United:



Linda Le, Leah Oviedo(book editor), and Kirin Macapugay

Kirin Macapugay of BIBAK Youth:

Linda Le of San Diego Veg Fest


Ian Quinn of Halt the Hate:

Christopher McFadden Jr. Youth

Frank Baird of Walk a Mile in Her Shoes:

Ameila Roskin Frazee of Make it Safe:

Ryland King of Sprout Up:

Lauren Parsekian & Molly Thompson of the Kind or

Maria Mejia an AIDS and HIV activist.

Tun Sukonthamarn Flancman of PooPoo Paper :

Shadrak Kyobe of Empower And Care Organization,

Katia Gomez of Educate 2 Envision:

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