Volunteer in Chicago to BUILD a Stronger Community – Broader Urban Involvement & Leadership Development

Broader Urban Involvement & Leadership Development, or BUILD, engages youth in at-risk-neighborhoods to care about their education and become involved in communities across Chicago. Many youth in these areas face danger from gangs and violence. They are most vulnerable when they are not at school or home. “Out-of-school programs are greatly needed by the youth that BUILD serves…Build serves youth during after-and out-of-school time, weekends, and school vacations – the times when they are most at risk.”

This successful program is highly regarded and has been replicated in Texas, Arizona and Minnesota. If you’d like to get involved they offer a variety of ways you can volunteer.

  • Tutoring a student
  • Mentoring a youth
  • Coaching or refereeing a youth sporting league or tournament
  • Chaperoning a field trip
  • Providing a business internship
  • Offering a “job shadow” to high school youth
  • Presenting at a Career Development session
  • Employing a BUILD youth
  • Providing pro bono expertise
  • Host a Brand BUILD jewelry sale in your home or office

Get involved BUILDing a stronger community at Buildchicago.org

Are you a volunteerYou can share your experience and inspire others on our Volunteer Story Page

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