Self Sufficiency is a Global Need – Women In Gambia Learn Literacy, Health and Economic Self-Sufficieny

It’s Nice To Be Nice(INTBN) is an international organization teaching free literacy, health education and economic self sufficiency to women in Gambia, West Africa and Chicago, Il, USA.They have been teaching literacy since 2009 and also donate goods to families in need.

Victoria Blakey started this program after a short stay in Gambia in 2004. Concerned with the cycle of poverty these uneducated women lived in and seeing girls who were being set up for the same fate encouraged her to get involved and create the change she wanted to see.

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They are currently raising funds for their 2015 classes. You can support their work at

As a writer and educated woman I know the power of literacy. I can’t even imagine navigating this world without the ability to read and write. Please share this amazing organization

Are you a volunteerYou can share your experience and inspire others on our Volunteer Story Page

Read about people around the globe who are creating sustainable change in books one and two of the Change Is Up To You Project on









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