Women’s Empowerment International Brings Micro-Finance to Women Who Are Living in Poverty.

Women’s Empowerment International is a volunteer run micro-finance organization supporting women who are living in poverty. They partner with local banks in Mexico, Honduras and Ghana by loaning money to women who can then start a businesses. Micro-finance has proven to be a great path towards self-sufficiency since recipients aren’t just given a hand out, but the tools to be their own heroes by lifting themselves, their family and sometimes their community out of poverty.

Want to get involved with Women’s Empowerment International? They offer a variety of opportunities. You can…

  • Become a member.
  • Volunteer.
  • Attend their informational events.
  • Donate money.
  • Learn about micro-finance.
  • Visit their partners in Mexico, Honduras and Ghana.

Learn more at WomenEmpowerment.org

Have you volunteered with Women’s Empowerment International or in micro-finance? Leave a comment below! You can also share your experience with being involved in your community on our Volunteer Story Page

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womens empowerment international

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