The Benefits of Volunteering; An Interview with a Volunteer Literacy Tutoring at Turning Pages in Columbia, SC

Turning Pages is a free literacy tutoring service in Columbia, South Carolina. Founded in 1968 they originally offered one-on-one individual literacy tutoring and have since expanded to also offer small group tutoring, English language acquisition, math and reading.

They have two options for getting involved. You can become a literacy, math or English as a second language volunteer tutor working directly with adults or a community advocate promoting literacy throughout the community. The center trains and provides materials to train tutors so if you have a passion for literacy and helping others reach their full potential literacy tutoring may be right for you.

Obviously when volunteering we experience the joy of helping others and seeing them grow, but what do we personally gain? A Turning Pages volunteer was asked what insight they had gained from teaching others how to read, To teach ESL right, you need to have tried to learn another language yourself so you can understand the difficulties people face when they are learning a second language! Last year, I was in Chile and accidentally told a clerk that I was going to hit her when I was trying to say that I would pay the bill. Experiences like that remind me of how important it is to be precise with your vocabulary!” Want more? Read the full Interview with a Volunteer

What insight have you gained from volunteering? Leave a comment below! You can also share your experience with being involved in your community on our Volunteer Story Page

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Turning Pages Literacy, Math and ESL tutoring in Columbia, SC

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