Jackie Chan, Spike the Rhino and the African Wildlife Foundation

Do you want to see martial arts superstar Jackie Chan protecting rhinos while dodging bullets, axes, poison arrows and machetes? Check out this video collaboration between Mr. Chan and the African Wildlife Foundation.

Just in 2012 there were 668 rhinos poached in South Africa and 35,000 elephants poached across all of Africa. A main reason for such large-scale devastation is the high demand for rhino horn and ivory in Asia. AWF has partnered with WildAid and Save the Elephants to launch a public awareness “Say No Campaign“, stopping the demand for these illegal wildlife products. The ads can be seen on tv, billboards and mass transit hubs with the aim of educating people that their buying habits are connected to brutal poaching of animals.

Beyond poaching, the African Wildlife Foundation protects animals and communities across Africa through wildlife conservation, land and habitat preservation, community empowerment and economic development.  They started in 1961 with the College of African Wildlife Management and have grown to offer a wide variety of projects. Here’s a sampling.

  • Partnering with the town of Ilima in the DRC to build a new sustainable primary school with a focus on conservation.
  • Securing habitats for endangered African apes like the Bonobo, Chimpanzee and Gorillas.
  • Tracking and creating a conservation plan for the fast declining leopard population.
  • Protecting the overfished Zambezi river by breeding and releasing over 50,000 fingerlings back to the waters and also creating economic opportunity for local communities.

You can learn more about their anti-poaching campaign and how to get involved at Awf.org/blog/jackie-chan-and-spike-rhino-win

Are you a volunteer?  Share your experience with being involved in your community on our Volunteer Story Page

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