Poignant Viral Videos With Important Messages About Human Rights From FCKH8

There’s youth in Ferguson, MO calling for all people to band together and end racism in our communities; “Hey White People: A Kinda Awkward Note for Americans from #Ferguson Kids” with their t-shirts proclaiming the sad truth that “Racism Is Not Over, But I’m Over Racism”

There’s little girls in princess dresses saying F*ck to inequality in “Potty Mouthed Princesses Drop F*Bombs for Feminism”  They boldly ask us which is worse, saying F*ck or sexism, pay inequality and violence towards women?

And of course they have many videos supporting our LGBTQ community. I really like this one for hateful and fearful homophobic people “It Doesn’t Get Better”. This is the bleeped version.

What are your favorite videos about social action? Have you made a video about sustainable change in your community? Leave a comment below! You can also share your experience with being involved in your community on our Volunteer Story Page

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