A New Way to Reach Your Political Representatives; WEtweet.org Makes Raising Your Voice Easier Than Ever!

These days there are more ways than ever to reach out to policy makers and government officials. We can call, write letters, sign petitions, submit comments online, follow them on social media and tag them in tweets about important issues.

WEtweet is one of the easiest ways to reach out. You simply visit WEtweet.org, choose a topic, enter your zip code and a pre typed tweet appears for you to publish on your Twitter page.

While being involved in our local communities is one of the best ways to create lasting change we also must stay focused on those we elect to political office. If we ignore policy on state or national levels than our local work can be easily dismantled by new laws without our knowledge and after it’s too late.

What are you waiting for?

After you tweet tag your actions with these hashtags: #WeMatter #WEtweetWednesday

Leave a comment below! You can also share your experience with being involved in your community on our Volunteer Story Page

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