Marketing the Up To You books With the Help of Other Bloggers

Marketing books can often be harder than the writing and publishing process. Unless you are an established writer with a large fan base or have plenty of funds to advertise, it takes some time and work to get a book noticed. I love the Up To You series books and want to share and honor all the amazing work being done so while it is a lot of work to market these books it’s fun too. Recently the first and second books were featured on two different, but popular blogs.

How Will You Create Positive Change” is featured on the Voice 4 Society blog. As a sponsor of their autumn literacy contest we were gifted a shout out about the first book in the Up To You series.

We Will Create Sustainable Change” is featured on the Secrets of Success blog. Deb Bailey who writes for the blog, and hosts Women Entrepreneurs Radio show is also a published author and liked the book so much she offered to share it with her fans.

If you would like to feature one of these books please leave a comment or send a message via the Contact page. If you like the Up To You project please share this blog post with your network.

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