The Second Book

September is the expected publication date for the second book in the Up To You series. This book will be a special edition with a focus on environmental stewardship. All causes are important, but without a healthy planet to thrive on, we are truly lost. 

Interviews that are ready to go include the following amazing people.

Lisa Cahill of Tree People

Jane Davis and Patricia Kington of Perth City Farm

Olivia Bouler of Olivia’s Birds: Saving the Gulf

Birke Baehr

Empowering Word Change

Erika and Martin of IFSS

More amazing guardians of the environment will be participating in this book. Subscribe to the blog in the right hand side of the page to be one of the first to read the newest book.


About Impower You

Empowering the wrold with articles, resources and interviews that educate and inform.
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