What’s New With Up To You?

Welcome to the first of my weekly updates about the Up To You Project. I am excited to share progress about the book series, the many people and organizations that are a part of each book, and news about others who are creating positive change. It is up to each of us that we are actively involved in our communities and also globally. We are after all sharing one planet and when we work together our impact multiplies and spreads.

If you are unfamiliar with this project visit the Book One page to learn about the first book “How Will You Create Positive Change” and be amazed at the 16 people around the world who are working on a variety of social and environmental issues. I like the term Change Agent which basically just means someone who brings about change. What is so awesome about this term is that we are all capable of being change agents.

You may think that positive change is only something that “other” people create, but I would bet that you have done something amazing yourself.  Whether you volunteered once in your community, are a long time volunteer, pick up trash on your way to school or work each day, or actively contact your political representatives about social issues than YOU are a change agent too!

In an attempt to inspire and encourage creating positive change the home page is set up so anyone can leave a comment about how they make the world a little brighter. Why don’t you hop on over to the HOME PAGE and leave a comment right now. Show the world that you care and are taking action!

The SECOND BOOK is on the way! I am hard at work collecting interviews for the second book in the Up To You series which will focus on environmental issues.  We must be aware that all our human rights and social progress hinges on whether or not we can survive our environment. No Planet = No People!

LoveTheEarthDespite the gloom and doom of several media outlets, we are currently progressing towards a healthy sustainable environment. In the first book you were introduced to three amazing environmental stewards,  Ryland King of Sprout Up, Linda Le of San Diego Veg Fest, and Tun Sukonthamarn Flancman of PooPoo Paper.  The second book has even more proof that we can save our environment. Some of the people who have submitted their interviews are Lisa Cahill of Tree People in the USA, Jane Davis and Patricia Kington of Perth City Farm in Australia, and Olivia Bouler of Olivia’s Birds: Saving the Gulf in the USA.

If you know someone involved in environmental sustainability who might like to participate please leave a comment below. I am looking to interview people from around the world.

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